Using LED bulbs in automobile headlamps generates less heat inside the headlamp housing. While this has several benefits, this also effects the humidity of the air inside the headlamp housing which could  lead to fogging and condensation. Fogging causes the emerging light to refract differently and can have an adverse effect on the performance of the headlamp.


Anti-fog coating of interior surfaces in automobile headlamps using the low-pressure plasma process

The headlamp fogging problem has been solved by applying an anti-fogging polymeric coating to the inside of the headlamp assembly.

Plasmatreat has acquired extensive know-how in depositing anti-fog coatings using the low-pressure plasma (Aurora) process. Building on this experience, it has now become possible to apply this anti-fog coating using atmospheric plasma (Openair-Plasma®) as well. The anti-fog coating process can be integrated easily in existing production lines for high speed production of automobile headlamps.

The anti-fog plasma coating is suitable for transparent plastics. It prevents that humidity and condensation inside the headlamp effect its properties and functionality.


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