Inline integration of Openair-Plasma® directly in the headlight production line

Thanks to its robot controlled inline technology, the Openair-Plasma® process integrates very easily into headlight manufacturing lines.

The special characteristics of Openair-Plasma® mean that the surfaces treated are not exposed to electric discharges as they would be with corona pretreatment, for example. With plasma pretreatment, the temperature increase in the materials being processed is very slight (as opposed to flame pretreatment). Chamber systems, such as required with low-pressure plasma treatment, are not needed.

The delicate and electrically conductive reflectors of the headlights can be pre-assembled and are not affected by plasma pretreatment, since this process is potential-free.

Hella: Surface treatment of headlight housings
Plasma treatment of headlight housings with complex geometries at Hella Australia prior to adhesive bonding. The contour-true, robot-controlled inline treatment makes it possible to achieve high process speeds.

HELLA Australia Pty Ltd.

Quality assurance with Openair-Plasma®

In 1995, Openair-Plasma® technology was used for the first time in standard production of automobile headlamp housings in Germany. Today, it has become an established part of applications around the world. At HELLA, Australia, the high process safety of the plasma process is especially valued.

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