Permanently secure printing for circuit boards using resistor paste, thanks to Openair® plasma

To get secure adhesion and good electrical characteristics from resistors printed on a circuit board, the surface tension of the component must be greater than that of the ink, or in this case of the resistor paste.

Bedruckung Leiterplatte
Plasma treatment for reliable printing on circuit boards

Openair-Plasma® has produced this surface activation for years now in the inline process for manufacturing safety-related sensors for the automobile industry. Plasma treatment ensures permanent ink adhesion at the highest standard.


Openair-Plasma® – prerequisite for reliable distance and angle sensors

To increase production of its sensors for the automobile industry and machine building, Novotechnik changed its surface treatment technology. Instead of low pressure plasma and vacuum chambers, a shift was made to inline Openair-Plasma®, which tripled throughput.

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