When manufacturing medical devices, only a limited number of certified source materials may be used, so material combinations are complicated, in particular for 2C injection molding. Activation with Openair-Plasma® facilitates secure adhesion at the hard/soft interface, however, making it possible to nonetheless extrude non-compatible starting materials with each other.

Reinigung medizinischer Bauteile
Plasma cleaning of components for a heart-lung machine

A secure bond is also important when encapsulating inserts. In manufacturing inserts, for instance, the insert is placed in the die and it is encapsulated with polycarbonate. Pre-treatment with a potential-free, cycled Openair-Plasma® jet provides micro-fine cleaning of these metal inserts prior to injection molding.

The plasma energy simultaneously activates the surface, which ensures an absolutely impervious bond between the metal and the polycarbonate sheathing.


Openair-Plasma® in medical technology

Plastic injection molding technology for medical technology components demands the best in dimensional and optical quality.

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