Protecting Rainforests: Openair-Plasma® enables use of high-quality plastic alternatives in mobile home interiors

Lightweight construction is a specially challenging criterion in the manufacture of mobile homes as well, making lightweight and moisture-resistant materials a necessity for their interiors.

Wohnwagen Innenausbau
Laminated interior of a mobile home

High-quality interiors for mobile homes are still largely composed of endangered rainforest woods, such as obechi. These trees cannot be cultivated and their harvesting represents predatory destruction of natural habitat.

Surface pretreatment with Openair-Plasma® makes it possible to manufacture components from alternative materials like polyurethane high-density foam. To meet the decorative requirements for furniture components, high-density foam elements are laminated with high-quality furniture films. Openair-Plasma® ensures secure and durable bonding without using bonding agents, like primers. The high-density polyurethane parts are not only very good looking; they exceed rainforest woods in lightness and durability.

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