LED technology has developed at a very rapid pace for general-purpose lighting applications. Compared to traditional lighting technologies, LEDs have some outstanding advantages: They have extremely long lifetimes, are scalable in size, and are substantially more energy efficient.

Despite these benefits, LEDs also pose several new challenges for the lighting industry. The mechanical design of LED sources will need to be adapted to correct for the more focused and intensive light footprint of LEDs. The LEDs diodes themselves must be effectively protected from environmental influences that can shift the color of the LED, or cause it to fail altogether.

New technologies that improve the efficiency and economics of LED production are also needed.

Construction of a SMD LED. Plasma technology offers solutions for the LED production i.e. lead frame cleaning before the wire bond process.

Both atmospheric-pressure and low-pressure Plasma technology offer solutions that explicitly meet these LED manufacturing challenges:

  • Lead frame cleaning (Openair® Plasma) before the wire-bond process
  • Reduction of copper lead frames (Aurora plasma)
  • Improving adhesion of potting compounds to the molding compound (Openair® Plasma)
  • Applying an anti-stick layer on silicone mouldings (PlasmaPlus®)
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