When different materials are combined, such as in bonding, laminating or painting, surface tension and surface cleanliness are critically important for reliable adhesion. To achieve good adhesion characteristics, the materials are often brought to a specific necessary processing temperature in the manufacturing process. Generally these are very energy-intensive processes. In contrast, plasma treatment is not only an especially effective method for surface pretreatment, it is also an energy-saving alternative.

The use of Openair-Plasma® atmospheric pressure plasma makes a definite reduction in operating temperatures possible in many applications. The heating process can usually be shortened or even eliminated completely. The same is true for drying ovens when alternative coating systems (like UV-curing systems) are used.

An example of success in coil coating: By using Openair-plasma® cleaning (ultrafine cleaning) and plasma activation, it is possible to use UV-curing paints. The complete system configuration is reduced to 25% of the scope of a conventional system.


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