Plasma technology under atmospheric pressure conditions, with its inline capability, makes it possible to completely redesign production processes (process optimization) in many industrial applications. Since the entire surface treatment process runs under dry conditions, it also offers the greatest potential for saving energy. Drying processes that require a lot of energy are eliminated. Besides that, the use and disposal of many toxic chemicals can be avoided.

A method for eliminating drying processes that has been successful for years is plasma coating of workpieces. Plasma coatings provide additional functionalities and often can be implemented at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional coating processes with painting, etc.

Until now, plasma coating was implemented in a low pressure process, for example, with PVD and sputtering processes. Now with the Openair-Plasma® process, combined with PlasmaPlus®, plasma coating can be applied under normal pressure without separate chamber systems.

Atmospheric PlasmaPlus® surface coating


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