Thermal insulation of buildings is one of the best opportunities for saving primary energy. A modern method for this is applying additional paneling and insulation with sandwich panels. In winter, this reduces heat dissipation from the building, which also reduces heating costs. On the other hand, in summer the insulation prevents unintended heating of living, work and storage spaces.

In commercial building construction, sandwich superstructures are used that are made of steel cover layers with insulating polyurethane cores. In addition to providing thermal insulation, these sandwich elements simultaneously have a static function as an outer wall and for holding the windows and doors. The secure bonding of the PUR foam to the top layer makes a critical contribution to the static properties of this type of commercial building wall.

In particular, the introduction of R141 propellants, pentane and water-blown foams that replaced R11 propellant, which is a concern for the climate, led to serious problems in adhering PUR foams to the top layer.

Large-area Openair-Plasma® pretreatment of the panels results in a definite improvement in bonding the PUR foam to plastic, glass and metal (plasma systems for surface activation). Today, plasma technology is in use with great success worldwide in the production of continuous double-line systems and discontinuous systems for manufacturing panels.


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