Painting rotor blades for wind turbines: Secure paint bonding on CRP after plasma activation

The state of the art in surface pretreatment for CRP rotor blades is mechanical roughening and cleaning with solvents. This process leads to results that are far from uniform, it is environmentally hazardous, and it requires a lot of manual effort.

Typical for CRP components is the different heat conductivity between the fibers themselves and the fiber matrix. Treatments that apply higher temperatures, such as in flaming or laser treatment, can destroy the characteristics of the composite surface.

Optimal composite properties for CRP rotor blades thanks to Openair-plasma® treatment
Uniform plasma treatment with rotary nozzle RD1010

With Openair-Plasma® technology, plasma treatment of even large-scale components is possible without problems. This opens up new possibilities for manufacturing rotor blades made of CRP for wind turbines.

An Openair-Plasma® treatment, especially with the plasma nozzle RD2005, provides uniform surface activation without the application of heat. The result of such plasma activation is improved paint adhesion with uniform paint flow for friction-free and high-efficiency use of the rotor blades.


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