News: Team Plasmatreat-B.O.C. on the road again

24h Cycling race "Rad am Ring" and UCI Gran Fondo World Championschips in Scotland

Rock am Ring at Rad am Ring - Team Plasmatreat-B.O.C. rocks the "Green Hell"

The clock strikes 12:56 on Saturday, July 22, 2023. It is the start of the anniversary edition of Rad am Ring. Already for the 20th time, more than 9000 starters started on the challenging track of the Nürburgring and the Nordschleife on July 22, 2023. Team boss David Buske sends a total of two 4 teams in the 24-hour race:

Team Plasmatreat-B.O.C. 1 with Britta Erdmann, Nicola Hörndl, Miriam Jupe and Michael Jupe.

Team Plasmatreat-B.O.C. 2 with Yves Nehrig, Michael Schenk, Pascal Holste and Marcel Bieber.

The formula for this legendary 24h race was simple: Sleep (rest) + Eat * Get ready : Roll in = Change

The team Plasmatreat-B.O.C 2 mastered all these challenges from hour to hour so they fought their way forward place by place over the night and finished the race at the end with a planned, perfect and overjoyed 5th place in the AK ranking and a 39th place in the overall ranking of over 700 started teams. Also the coaching team Angela Buske from Fit-2b & Stefan Kirchmair from Kirchmair Cycling were mega happy with their protégés. Stefan Kirchmair said the following about the performances: "Across the board, all the riders put in very consistent performances, even doing excellent lap times at night with double laps - hardly slower than during the day. It shows that the intensive but also effective training and also the Transalp as a hard training block have proven very well and enabled the riders to achieve these performances at the Nürburgring."

UCI Gran Fondo World Championschips - Team Plasmatreat-B.O.C. was at the starting line

At the UCI Gran Fondo World Championschips in Glasgow in Scotland, team rider Stefan Kirchmair was able to score a fantastic 3rd place in his competition last weekend. The race around the cities of Perth and Aberfeldy was decided in the final sprint and Kirchmair was able to secure 3rd place.

We congratulate Stefan Kirchmair very warmly on his podium finish and thank the many helpers, supporters and partners. Because without you and the many helping hands, this bike racing season would not be so successful for Team Plasmatreat-B.O.C.

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