Research Paper: Surface Treatment of PEEK implants for improvement of osseointegration

Strauss, L., Bruyas, A., Pappas, D., Ben Salem, D., Krampe, E., Schmitt-John, T., Leonhardt, S. - published a research article in PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS 10/2023

Our research team works on fascinating and forward-looking topics. In close collaboration with the University in Munich, Lea Strauss, and Kumovis GmbH (Arnaud Bruyas and Stefan Leonhardt), Plasmatreat colleagues Daphne Pappas, Dhia Ben Salem, Erhard Krampe and Thomas Schmitt-John are investigating whether surface treatment with plasma technology has an effect on the surface wettability of PEEK implants.

The paper "Plasma surface modification and three-dimensional structuring of additively manufactured PEEK implants for improvement of osseointegration" has been published in the latest issue of PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS. The research team wanted to find out if and how Plasmatreat Openair-Plasma, PlasmaPlus and low pressure Aurora plasma could improve the wettability of the additively manufactured PEEK surface. PEEK has excellent properties for the use as implant in the body, but the problem is that human cells cannot adhere to the surface. The surface of PEEK is hydrophobic and a hydrophilic surface is desired for use in the body. Plasmatreat and its research partners where therefore carrying out various tests by pre-treating PEEK implants. With plasma activation using Openair-Plasma and Aurora low-pressure plasma, and after applying a PlasmaPlus functional nanocoating, they achieved the best result: the wettability of the PEEK surface could be improved in the best possible way, so that human bone cells could better grow on the surface. As a result, the research team expact that the additive printed implants will be accepted by the body.

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