An automobile tire consists of the tread and the tire skeleton. More than 200 different materials are used in manufacturing automobile tires, including oils, steel, sulphur compounds, Kevlar®, polyester and up to 80 different grades of rubber, aramid, zinc, resin and silica.

To increase the tire’s speed rating and handling, the tire tread is reinforced with Kevlar® (aramid). Achieving a secure bond between the tread material and the Kevlar® meshing so the tire can withstand high g-forces is of crucial importance. In mass production, this adhesion is promoted by pre-treating the aramid mesh with caustic sulfuric acid.

Safer, more reliable material bonding thanks to Aurora plasma

Pre-treatment with Aurora low-pressure plasma provides a more reliable and environmentally friendly alternative for this hazardous chemical process. Plasma effectively functionalizes the surface of the aramid mesh for the subsequent vulcanization process.

Automobil tire in cross section: Multiple layers and up to 200 different materials shape its stability and determine its properties.


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