In industrial paint shops, there is always a certain amount of overspray that has to be cleaned up and carefully removed. Overspray collects on the filters, on floors, on the conveyor,  and on part racks. After several painting cycles, these paint deposits can begin to flake off and can contaminate freshly painted parts. Consequently, at regular cleaning intervals, the accumulated paint overspray needs to be removed from the surrounding surfaces and from the filtration system. Normally, this is done using high-pressure water jets along with laborious manual scraping.

Grate with plasma coating: Effective solution for easy and fast cleaning of paints. Source: © Foto Fraunhofer IFAM

Polymer paint release coatings through low-pressure plasma process

The removal of overspray removal can be greatly improved by applying a release coating to surfaces that need to be cleaned. This involves applying a thin layer of paint-resistant polymer to the polar metal surface (usually galvanized steel). This coating greatly reduces the adhesion of paints and organic coatings. These paint release coatings can efficiently be applied using the Aurora® low pressure plasma process to provide highly durable and excellent release performance.

Plasmatreat has partnered with the Fraunhofer Institute IFAM to develop this kind of high-performance paint release coating, called PermaCLEAN Plus®, as a service.


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