PR: 2 Years Plasmatreat Switzerland AG

Plasmatreat Switzerland AG, the subsidiary of Plasmatreat GmbH for the Swiss market, celebrates its second birthday and expanded cooperation with customers and research institutions.

Consulting and service around plasma technology directly on site: For two years now, Plasmatreat GmbH from Steinhagen has been directly available for its Swiss customers with Plasmatreat Switzerland AG. With the opening of the subsidiary in Diepoldsau/St. Gallen in August 2020, under the management of Klaus Kresser, the plasma experts now support Swiss technology companies in the evaluation and implementation of plasma technology in industrial processes.

Plasmatreat is a leading developer and manufacturer of atmospheric plasma treatment systems and has developed various processes for the environmentally friendly surface treatment of a wide range of materials, as well as making them suitable for industrial use: Fine cleaning with Openair-Plasma reliably removes impurities, e.g. dust or grease, from substrates. When the surface is activated with plasma, the surface energy is increased. Among other things, this improves the subsequent adhesion of adhesives and coatings. The PlasmaPlus nanocoating also creates functionalized surfaces with defined properties, such as an adhesion promoter or anti-corrosion layer. Innovative control and quality assurance systems ensure comprehensive process control and reproducibility in line with Industry 4.0.

The company's customers for atmospheric plasma applications receive holistic support from Klaus Kresser: whether on-site consultation or rapid service and spare parts deliveries. The company also helps to accelerate development steps on site and to bring plasma technology to industry via research institutes. Plasmatreat Switzerland AG maintains close cooperation with universities and institutes as well as government agencies. Since June 2022, three Swiss research facilities - the Institute for Nanotechnical Plastics Applications (INKA) at the FHNW in Windisch/Brugg, the Institute for Applied Plastics Research (iRAP) at the HTA Fribourg and the Institute of Materials and Process Engineering (IMPE) at the zhaw in Winterthur - have been available for trials. The plasma systems installed on site give Plasmatreat the opportunity to test new developments together with the research institutes and its customers.

"In the two years of our existence in Switzerland, we have steadily expanded our service and customer relationships. For example, we have continuously expanded our inventory of rental equipment, test series and trials at customer sites in order to be able to respond specifically to the most diverse requirements of our users in the shortest possible time," says Klaus Kresser, Managing Director of Plasmatreat Switzerland AG.

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