News: Exciting races in May from Team Plasmatreat-RTS Electronics

Races in Germany, Eschborn and Aachen and in Austria, Imst

Team Plasmatreat - RTS Electronic - bad luck at the Eschborn-Frankfurt race

Team spirit saves a conciliatory result at the finish in Eschborn

May 01, 2024 Eschborn. The team around the two top riders Anna Scheffler and Svea Lüdorff started punctually at 08:45.

At the team briefing in the evening, team manager David Buske showed his analytical strengths and swore in the team, which this time started with 8 team riders. The direction was clear. Anna Scheffler will ride to victory with the help of Jan Hegselmann. Daniela Gass will try to finish on the podium in her age group and Svea Lüdorff will take on the mountain classification on the Feldberg. She will be accompanied by an express train with Lino Kumbartzky, Marcel Bieber and Jean-Loup Jupe.

The most important thing at the briefing, however, was to highlight the challenges of this race - and they were clearly on the asphalt. The track into Frankfurt had a lot of longitudinal grooves, which were perfect for ending the race early, as the tires were quickly slashed. It was one of these longitudinal grooves that cost Anna Scheffler the Race between the Towers in Frankfurt.

Svea Lüdorff's team fared better. Under the command of Jean-Loup Jupe, she made it safely through Frankfurt and was then able to tackle the climb to the Feldberg as planned. On the last 8 kilometers Svea Lüdorff was left to her own devices and finished the climb in 12th place. A complete success for Svea, the team and the tactics of team manager David Buske.

Meanwhile, Anna Scheffler was also able to make her way to Feldberg as an individual racer. After a short communication with the team car, it was clear that Anna only had to compete in the mountain classification. The Feldberg was no problem for the lively all-rounder, only the failure of the organizers cost Anna 18 seconds, as there was a lot of hustle and bustle at the refreshment point just before the summit and nobody paid attention to keeping the climb clear. In the end, this meant that she was only second in the mountain classification.

Jan Hegselmann rode an outstanding race after his assistance was no longer needed. The 0 to 100 man did only 2 training sessions this year and finished in a good 90th place with just over 100 kilometers of racing.
The race result was once again secured by veteran Daniela Gass. The sprinter, who loves the flat terrain, finished the Eschborn - Frankfurt race in 9th place overall and 2nd place in the general classification.

 "All in all you have to say that today we made a lot out of a lot in the beginning and nothing out of nothing in the end. That's the sport and we have to live with it," said team manager David Buske at the finish

Team Plasmatreat - RTS Electronic - one day - 3 races

Austria clearly the better place for the team from Steinhagen

May 12, 2024 Imst/Aachen. The alarm clock rang punctually at 05:00 for many team riders in both Imst (Austria) and Aachen (Germany). The usual preparations were completed.
In Aachen, team rider Jean-Lupe Jupe had to rinse off more race kilometers on the road at the UCI Gran Fondo Aachen. The field was too strong to give him any hope of qualifying for the World Championships in Alborg. In the end, Jean-Loup finished the race in midfield in 548th place.

In Imst, the weather showed its best side and provided perfect racing weather for the team. Team boss David Buske went into the race with high expectations, offering his best mountain team. His hopes were not disappointed. In particular, the two most experienced racers in the team showed excellent form with 1st and 3rd place in their age group.

Team boss David Buske was particularly pleased with the 3rd place of Daniel Debertin, whose enthusiasm for cycling could be seen in his body language. He showed a very clever race and was still 1:30 behind the leading group on the Haimingerberg. On the final climb, he put all his experience to good use and finished the race very successfully.

The team once again had high hopes for Anna Scheffler and once again the great team spirit was evident. The ailing Daniel Pechtl, with TourTransalp team partner Patrick Lechner, put themselves at the service of the team and brought their captain to an incredible 3rd place overall and a 2nd place in the age group. Anna Schefller was beaten by the two top riders Janine Meyer, who won the Ötztal Cycle Marathon in 2023 in record time, and Julia Schallau.

Back to Aachen for the 3Rides gravel race. Hopes were pinned on Daniela Gass, who had a taste of the World Championships last year, and Oliver Vakilzadeh. Daniela Gass started the race with a good 8 weeks of training behind her, as she was set back by a serious bout of pneumonia in February.  All the more reason for her to achieve a top result for the team with an 8th place. Unfortunately, this was not enough to qualify for the UCI Gravel World Championships.

Team rider Oliver Vakilzadeh was not spared on the difficult course. In the lead group it looked like Oliver Vakilzadeh had a chance for the podium, but then his equipment failed him and his chain broke. Back on his bike, Oliver Vakilzadeh closed in on the lead group and his chances of qualifying for the UCI Gravel World Championships were once again within reach. Then a careless moment on this difficult course and Vakilzadeh made contact with the gravel. But that didn't slow him down, and he rode to a 54th place finish. However, this was not enough to qualify for the World Championship.