News: Plasmatreat shows different plasma solutions

MD&M West 2022: Surface Treatment with Openair-Plasma for Medical Components and Sensors

Plasmatreat USA, a subsidiary of Plasmatreat GmbH, a leading developer and manufacturer of atmospheric plasma systems for surface pretreatment will exhibit at MD&M. The exhibition will take place from April 12th to 14th 2022 in Anahem, CA and will cover a wide range of topics, from microfluidics and biomaterials to advanced automation in medical device manufacturing. At booth 4550 Plasmatreat will show different solutions and application examples for surface pretreatment of medical components. Visitors can learn about surface treatment using Plasmatreat’s Openair-Plasma and Aurora plasma processes and see how these technologies are used to manufacture better surfaces with practical examples in microfluidics, bio-sensors or even thermally sensitive materials.

Reliable wetting, sealing and bonding are critical in many medical components.  Catheters, as an example, can contain multi-component polymer systems. These materials often require modification by Openair-Plasma technology to tailor surface compatibility. With higher surface energy better bonding is achieved using heat or adhesives. Visitors can come see Plasmatreat treat and verify treatment on samples liveat its booth in Anaheim. 

Plasmatreat also has a unique portfolio of surface treatments processes: activation, cleaning and coating. These different processes allow customizable surface chemistry which enable applications such as drug coating, biomolecule attachment or improved biocompatibility. With this special coating, named PlasmaPlus technology, a functionality is tailored specifically for a desired response on a device surface. 

The manufacturing of medical components often involves a special consideration for handling and processing of complex materials. Plasmatreat has a wide range of system configurations to meet the unique challenges of device manufacturing, including those which are thermally or electrically sensitive substrates.

Surface pretreatment with plasma technology has many advantages in terms of cost efficiency, sustainability and versatility, e.g. the systems can be implemented inline or by batch production processes, and it enables the simultaneous processing of different material combinations which could not be possible without plasma treatment.

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