Dinamiche. Innovazione. Responsabilità. La vostra carriera in Plasmatreat.

Siamo leader mondiali nella tecnologia del plasma atmosferico. Con numerosi brevetti e processi innovativi sempre nuovi, lavoriamo fianco a fianco con i nostri clienti industriali e partner di ricerca per sviluppare soluzioni applicative per i prodotti di domani.

Con grande impegno ed entusiasmo per il futuro tecnologico del plasma, affrontiamo le sfide dei nostri clienti e osiamo sempre "pensare fuori dagli schemi". Entrate a far parte del nostro team internazionale, in crescita dinamica.

Working Environment

The basis for our success is a motivated team that shapes and expands innovations and the technological lead every day. Therefore, it is a great concern for us to create optimal conditions for our employees.


The work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for employees. We, too, believe that work and free time should be in a healthy balance. That's why we try to take into account the individual needs of our employees.

Getting Started with Us

Whether trainees, young professionals, specialists and managers or students - everyone can start or continue their career with us.

Trade Shows and Events

#MeetPlasmatreat, our experts and the HR Team on various exhibitions - whether in the local region, in Germany, Europe or in the whole world.

What exactly is Plasma?

Put simply, plasma is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas. But for the industry and its processes it is more important than the fourth state of matter and has many different uses.

Our Global Network

With our network of research and development centers, subsidiaries and commercial agencies around the world, we are always present wherever our expert knowledge and experience in the field of individual surface treatment is in demand.