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Our Book-a-Demo makes it possible!
Book a live demonstration individually suited to you, follow the handling and plasma treatment of your sample, get answers to your specific questions, see what plasma does and find the best solution for your application together with our plasma experts.

How does it work?
During your live session we treat your own or similar samples -provided by us- and evaluate the results directly with you.


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As a first step, click on the link below and fill out the form:

  • The more detailed your information about the requirements of your production process and the information about material and shape of the parts, the better we can prepare.
  • Please inform us about your preferred date for your plasma live demo and let us know if you would like to provide your own samples or products.

After sending us your request, please be patient until one of our experts from your region contacts you and clarifies all further details with you.

We will do our best to meet your requirements and wishes. Together we will find out the exact process parameters of plasma treatment for your manufacturing process.

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Features and benefits of Book-a-Demo

Highly efficient and environmentally friendly modification - Improving surfaces with Openair-Plasma®

Plasma is the substance of which the sun, gas clouds, stars and galaxies are made. We will explain and demonstrate to you individually in direct dialogue how we can modify the surface of your product with plasma, generated from electricity and compressed air. Watch us demonstrate how we achieve environmentally friendly cleaning, activation and functionalization of surfaces with Openair-Plasma®. Get to know plasma as an environmentally friendly and sustainable pretreatment method and learn how we can avoid VOCs and replace primers that are harmful to health and the environment.

Industry solutions - We adapt to the requirements of your processes

Individually adapted to your requirements, we advise you in your live demonstration. Our multifunctional Openair-Plasma® technology is used in almost all industries. From automotive to transport, electronics, packaging, consumer goods, life sciences, textiles and new energies. If you are interested in an overview of what we have already done in your industry, then take a look here:

Industry Solutions

Our application technology - Facilities & equipment for Book-a-Demo

In our laboratories and technical facilities, you can get to know plasma technology and its possibilities in impressive live demonstrations. The rooms of our subsidiaries are designed for different applications and offer us the possibility to simulate processes together with you. Our headquarters in Germany, for example, offers laboratories and technical facilities that deal with topics such as microbiology, anti-corrosion protection, adhesive bonding of hybrid components or the printing of difficult surfaces such as plastics, glass and metals. Find out more about our international locations and their equipment here.

What happens afterwards? - Receive your personal report

After your demonstration, you will receive a written report that you can use both for your internal evaluation and for further cooperation with us. In it, we record all the results from the tests and analyses. With our technical equipment we are able to carry out the most modern testing methods, starting with the measurement of surface energy, through atomic force microscopy to salt spray and shear tests. These results and the settings of the parameters of jets, speeds or coatings are then evaluated by our experts and documented for you in this report.

Surface determination methods

Take your chance - Participate live or online

Try it out: Our experienced application engineers look forward to finding the best solution for your application with you. Together we discuss possibilities, settings and analyse the results directly in the live session.