News: Challenges in battery production can be solved with plasma

The Battery Show North America 2022: Exciting live demonstrations and discussions on the topics of e-mobility, battery cell manufacturing and plasma surface pretreatment.

The next trade show event is coming up: The team from Plasmatreat USA Inc. will be on site at The Battery Show North America in Novi (MI). From September 13 to 15, exciting live demonstrations and discussions on the topics of e-mobility, battery cell manufacturing and plasma surface pretreatment are on the agenda at booth 1445. Plasmatreat is an international leader in the development and manufacture of atmospheric plasma systems for the pretreatment of various substrate surfaces. As the inventor of Openair-Plasma technology, the company offers systems and equipment for the activation, cleaning and coating of surfaces in almost all industries under atmospheric pressure.  

Three industries in which batteries are also used are of particular importance to Plasmatreat: automotive, electronics and medical. The company demonstrates its expertise in more than 100 applications, for example, in the various areas of the automobile from interior, exterior, and drive to automotive electronics (sensors and lidar) and EV battery. But Openair-Plasma solutions from Plasmatreat are also used in electronics or medical device manufacturing. Especially in battery manufacturing, manufacturers are constantly faced with various challenges: high-quality assembly, long service life, ideal temperature management, and weather and weathering resistance. In addition, interest in more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes continues to grow and CO2-reducing pretreatment methods are becoming more and more interesting. Plasmatreat is making a major contribution to solving the above challenges in battery manufacturing. With the different Openair-Plasma processes activation, cleaning and coating it is possible to produce safe and durable connections between batteries or battery packs or to selectively apply an anti-corrosion coating. In general, plasma technology is an environmentally friendly method and VOC emissions can be easily reduced. The efficiency of battery production is increased and the corresponding quality assurance standards can be met. 

Visitors will find exciting information about plasma technology, plasma systems and their advantages for battery production at booth 1445. For the live demonstration, the company will provide a PTU (Plasma Treatment Unit) - consisting of a generator, the PCU (Plasma Control Unit, with a transformer as well as various quality assurance modules) and a plasma nozzle. In addition, the system requires only compressed air and electricity and is equipped with a KUKA KR5 robot.

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