Your Benefits at Plasmatreat

The work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for employees. We, too, believe that work and free time should be in a healthy relationship with each other. A healthy work-life balance is always achieved when there is enough time for the things that give new energy and bring happiness. For some, that may be family and friends, for others sports or hobbies, or even the job. Either way, we want to support the balance of each individual, in the sense that more quality of life leads to more quality of work.

Plasmatreat not only offers you flexible working hours, but also a whole range of attractive additional benefits. Among other things, we promote individual further training and regularly organize interesting company events.


To promote the compatibility of work, family and private life, we offer all our employees a departmental flextime scheme as part of our flexible working hours, as well as a five-day week and 30 days' vacation. In addition, we always listen to our employees' concerns: We examine each individual request to see whether it can be implemented in a businesslike manner. If it's possible, we make it possible.

Work Environment

  • Modern office space
  • Own plasma campus
  • Company restaurant at headquarters
  • Parking spaces
  • Cold and hot drink

Our Additional Services

  • Capital-forming benefits
  • Company pension plan
  • Supplementary health insurance
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Vacation and Christmas bonus
  • Bike leasing: Lease a bicycle or e-bike

Further Education

Our employees' professional goals are as varied as they are. We support them in embarking on and pursuing their own career paths. To do this, we jointly examine their personal and corporate opportunities and then develop individual training programs. Why do we do this? Because we believe that everyone should be able to develop their skills to the best of their ability. This benefits not only the individual employee, but the entire company.

Team Events

At Plasmatreat, things don't get boring away from the daily challenges, because we organize exciting and entertaining events for various occasions several times a year. Whether it's a company outing or a Christmas party. Once a quarter, the entire team gets together to have fun.

Social Commitment

Social commitment, sustainable and environmentally friendly products ensure a valuable contribution to society. A formula to which Plasmatreat attaches great importance. As the main sponsor of the "Team Plasmatreat" we support various projects. Since 2014, the cycling team has been riding for a good cause, collecting donations for charitable aid organizations. We also support sports clubs such as the SPVG Steinhagen and the TTC Birkenfeld.